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Oct. 17th, 2007 at 9:29 AM
End Time Visions/WordsIN A NIGHT VISION, SUDDENLY JESUS APPEARED IN THE CLOUDS ON A WHITE HORSE,with a constant sweeping of His arm, up we went (those of us who are His,Born again John3:3 ,John1:13,14/sealed by His Spirit Eph.1:13,14,cleansed in His soul cleansing Blood Heb.9:11-15 & Rom.3:25 & 1John2:2 /to meet Him in the clouds with all the rest of the saints that went on before us were with Him 1Thess.4:16,17!!Those of us who are still here , cannot go ahead of thise already there , He brings with Him!! But we will be caught up ,changed instantly, become like Him hallaluyah!!! God let me clearly know, that because Jesus was there & I went up, it is going to happen in my life time, and this is Oct.2007, I THINK maybe at most I could expect to live maybe 20- 30 yrs more at ready folks, do not be left behind.
Oct. 15th, 2007 at 8:41 AM
in a night vision I saw New Orleans under the sea. This vision came after Christmas of '06 I looked and saw only ocean, like there were millions of waves & upon each wave was the destruction of all the bldgs . i stood back & looked & saw that the whole gulf was covered w, water,.(this part was fulfilled,texas flooded,dry land & dead cattle)...........God said, they ran there taking their evil deeds with them , ; to carry on as before.New Orleans will go into the sea. Christmas eve in a night vision I saw an angel bowing down to our convoy going to the middle east, his arms stretched out towards the convoy,he was crying so hard his face was wrinkled up, it was so sad, i woke up crying and on christmas day of '06 , each time I tried to tell of the vision I would cry, so I had need to ask God what did the vision mean? The Words came up very loud & strong from my spirit.....stop go back you already have gone too far then God ran through my spirit ( like a video)a vision I saw back in 97, where there was explosions (God spoke & said ,"Nuclear")thousands of people were running on fire ,skin falling off. In My Spirit I SEE we will meet up with nuclear war or worse yet nuclear holocaust. God expresses that syria is a beast , or a snake in another word & that russia is the head,middle east the Abyss, that Russia supplies Syria/Iran w. nuclear weapons,He says materials to make this weapon with . He let me see tunnels under ground in the USA , where they set up their evil deeds, USA oh USA wake up!!!! I will add on as God gives to me all of my links

amazing revelations here

Feb. 23rd, 2007 at 8:42 AM
This is a short BLOG and to the Point, because your time is running out, we do not have much time left.;before the end,and before our Lord will come for who belong to Him. All the Bible Prophesies are fulfilled & the last ones are presently being fulfilled.Let me just point out a serious thing going on in the world today. Ahmadinejad has declared *(his god)allah(Not God almighty) has told him to start the end time war(which Iraq is the end time war, leading into armageddon. Ahmadinejad says ,the end time war he is to start will hasten the coming of their messiah(only ONE Messiah, Jesus Christ); their so called messiah will destroy all Christians,Jews, and all infidels(who will not convert to Islam) and will save them. He declares, this will happen the end of March.some festival they will a word, God said, to "take what he said ,seriously". If you listen to the news, then you should be aware; most all nations are equipped w. nuclear weapons, or at least (not being stupid) we can SEE, they most definately have those weapons of destruction...........the nations are lining up for the end , right now.(Armageddon) which is nuclear war of all nations.)WE are living Ezek.38,39 . Being born again is a serious matter.
********************* the importance of being truly born again in Christ Jesus**********
Jesus said, John3:3 if you are not born again, you will NOT see heaven. John14:6 Jesus is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. John3:16 God loved the World(you) so much, He gave His Only Son , that (WHOSOEVER) will believe in Him will NOT perish(your soul in hell & the lake) But will have everlasting life(Born again in Christ , John3:3) Do not listen to what lost souls are saying in the world today, ok? They do not know the truth * ( Jesus Christ & His Gospel) and know not what they say. I said it will be short & to the point & it will. HOW, can I be born again?When I am already born?John1:12,13 Jesus teaches how, He said, not by the will of your flesh or blood nor the will of man but by God....meaning; if you seek God with all of your heart , soul & mind(want to know Him more then anything else....)you will find Him, and when you seek &( find) He will hear your heart(find) leading you unto His Son & His salvation.(Baptism cannot save anyone, if water could cleanse away sins, then Christ did not have to die for you & me,He did it in vain , then.) Your desire should be to know God, and the only way you can know Him is by being born again, which means a brand new spirit in christ..Eph.1:7 in Christ is your salvation & the forgiveness of your sins by His shed Blood. Your flesh body is the 1st birth by water, (natural, and in sin nature)now when you become born again, you(your spirit )becomes brand new in Christ,all sins are washed away by His shed Blood, Once you pray and ask Him into your heart. See; God is Spirirt John4:24 He made us in His image;Spirit. Once we sinned, we broke fellowship with God, no longer can He hear us , no longer does He walk & Talk with us, He is HOLY & cannot Look upon sin. In Fact;Isaiah59:2 says, your iniquities have seperated you from God & your sins have hidden His face from you so He does not hear you...........John9:31 God does not hear sinners . ONLY when they do His will, by believing Him & receiving Christ & His salvation..crying unto God(He will hear your heart's cry)for salvation in Christ & forgiveness by His shed Blood. Rev.3:20 teaches us how also: 1st the DOOR is your heart, hearing His voice is hearing & belieivng the Gospel, He said, " I stand at the door (your heart) and knock, if anyone hears My Voice ( His Gospel & believes) and opens the door I will come in & dwell in them.......SEE? Col.1:27 Christ dwells in us (born again believers in Him) Then He seals us with His Spirit unto the day of our redemption Eph.1:13 Jesus is the sealer & Holy Spirit is your seal) so you cannot lose your salvation in Christ!!!! 1Cor.3:16 you are the temple of God & His spirit dwells in you!!!John14:23 Jesus said, if you Love Me & Keep My Words & My Father will LOVE you & We will come unto you & make our abode with you!!! Luke17:21 NOW!! the Kingdom of God is within you!! So, John14:2 Jesus promises, in His Father's house are many mansions, I go & prepare a place for you(Once youy are His!!)and I will come again & receive you unto Myself;that where I am there you will be also!!!(This is if you are born again, and your earth body dies, He receives you unto Himself(this is resurrection to life)!!! Resurrection to death , is seen Rev.20:10-14 God will resurrect all hell & judge it all into everlasting destruction(the lake of fire; which is the 2nd death & hell is the 1st death,.Mark9:45,46 hell:where hell's fire is not quenched & your worm will not die(paraphrased)Your sins ,lusts,addictions etc are magnified thousands of times & NEVER fulfilled, Ever, then God resurrects all hell & judges it all into everlasting destruction Rev.,20:10-14. Jesus wants that you are not ashamed of Him & His Gospel, so He wants that we openly in front of all to confess Him with our mouth , having believed & repented from sins to Christ, now we are to be baptized to show openly as a testimony to all, Yes I believe Jesus is the Son of God, that He came to earth laid down His life shed His Blood for me, and He is MY Savior I am Born again!! See:Mark16:15,16 all who believe & are baptized will be saved, BUT they who do not believe will be condemned.(to hell & the lake) Matt.28:19,20 Baptize them in the Name of the Father Son & Holy Spirit !!Acts8:36,37 if you believe with all of your heart, then you May be baptized!! so you see, water cannot save you, before Christ's time(our once & for all sacrifice 1Cor.5:7) they were obedient unto God & repented (turned away from sins) and were baptized for that. Only the shed Blood of Christ can wash away your sins from your soul Heb.9:11-15 & 1John2:2 & Rom.3:25 (Lev.17:11 Blood makes atonement (not water)!!! Rom.10:9,10 if you confess Jesus with your mouth & believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved. Being born again is so simple: Jesus paid it all for you, nothing at all you can do to be born again , just believe God & receive Christ into your heart as your Savior Rev.3:20, Eph.1:7 shows how & John1:12,13........Luke13:3 if you do not Repent(turn away from sins to Christ) you(your soul will perish in hell & the lake. 1John1:9,10 if you confess your sins to God, He is faithful & just to forgive you & to Cleanse your soul from all sins, al unrighteosuness!!!He forgives us freely by the shed Blood of Christ & He remembers our sins nomore. That's it!! no magic formulas!!no self righteous religious acts!!!Nothing ....just believe God & receive Christ. I have a lot of Journals/BLOGS teaching various subjects, they are listed on my AIM page, I invite you to read them, and contact me if you need to talk go to : or contact or
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